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Avid Shoots Customer Story at Notable. Featuring Aliya Cycon

Avid Shoots Customer Story at Notable. Featuring Aliya Cycon

Avid, the company that makes our favorite DAW Pro Tools, visited us this summer while we were working on tracks with Aliya Cycon. Dan produced Aliya's momentous first album this past year at Notable in Watertown and at Futura Production, with John Weston's beautiful engineering in Roslindale.

"It was the third time John and I got to collaborate at his lovely massive room. I frankly am in awe of that massive space, and anytime I have orchestral-size projects I check to see if John and that space are available". We had also worked last summer on Susan Cohen's Syrian refugee song and video of social change, Beyond the Borders. Aliya was the music director/arranger and Oud soloist on that song, and she quickly realized that John and I would be a great team to translate her first album into reality. It was a dream team.

Using Pro Tools was crucial to the success of these larger projects where the work frequently moved back and forth between Notable to Futura. Some vocals and editing were accomplished on the go in apartments and porches, as well as in the two larger studios. The tool scaled seamlessly, even though the project was recorded and mixed at high-resolution 96K and 24bit.

We are excited to see the video on the Avid website, and I will circle back and list the link when it is publically released.