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African Underground vol.2 is finished!

Dan has just returned from mastering African Underground Vol. 2 with Co- Producer Benny "Beats" Herson (Founder of the upstart International rap and world music label, Nomadic Wax). Working with Jonathan Wyner at MWorks is always a blast. His room sounds amazing, and his ears are even better. We thank him for being so suppportive. We'd also like to congratulate him on his Grammy nomination.

Sen Kumpa's track Niawal (Track one on African Underground II) just won "Best Song" in the Global Rhythm Magazine competition. We are proud of the track and send our best to Ben Herson and Sen Kumpa in Dakar.

The Tufts University Jackson Jills just finished their new album with Dan. Notable pulled in the help of Intern Phil Dong. Also we were under the gun time-wise so a second pro tools room was used to do edits while the primary mix room was used for overdubs and mixing. Thanks go to engineers Adam Rourke and Ben Herson for working to finish on time. Ben also did a great job with the cover design.

Singer Songwriter, Terry Kitchen finished his 8th CD "Heaven Here on Earth" with Dan co-producing. The album features some unusual arrangements including a stereo Zither intro and a String Quartet.

Dan made special efx for Ocean Spray's new multimedia

1Achord's debut album is in the works, as well as jazz and R&B flutist Lance Martin's album.

MIT Professor of Ethnomusicology, Patricia Tang, has been hard at work on the audio version of her book, The Master's of the Sabar. Also Geoff Brown's amazing classical record features pianist and Tufts professor John MacDonald.
Besides editing Mandarin Chinese this week, Dan has been helping Jimmy Jewels set up his new recording studio.

Dan is also performing as a drummer with Jim's Big Ego, Liz Carlisle and Russell Wolff, and Annette Farrington.

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