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Northeast Performer Magazine
Northeast Performer
"It took me until the third and last song of this demo before I realized what these guys were up to and why I liked it so much. They don't sound too much like any particular other group, but they have borrowed some very familiar production and arranging techniques, and used them creatively to enhance their own work. I don't want to give anything away and spoil it for the listener, but the result is amazingly effective. I like their musical instincts overall, and I think they could continue to grow on their own, but I'd like to hear them with some "assistance." A full production studio would be good for starters, and maybe a little technical advice from time to time. Since the band has already begun to attract label attention, it wouldn't surprise me if everything starts coming together soon.
They open up with a semi-grungy rock ballad called "Sweetly," and the lyric builds from the opening line, adding color until they get to the chorus and the drums kick in. They add a touch of hysteria in the instrumental break with a bluesy harmonica going crazy deep in the reverb. "Worried Mind" changes the pace quite a bit. It has a very strong refrain and it's more of an acoustic number in 3/4 time. "Facedown" is upbeat, a little bouncy. The lyrics are playful, with just a hint of facetiousness here and there. Of the three, I like "Worried Mind" the best, but they are all solid tunes. As I said earlier, I like their musical instincts overall."
•David Robinso