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Notable Hosts PTUG small diaphragm condenser mic shoot out!

Notable Hosts PTUG small diaphragm condenser mic shoot out
We had twice as many listeners as we had microphones and we had 14 microphones! Although, one microphone was removed from our list by its inconsiderate behavior...sometimes she works, sometime she dunt.

We managed to record Dan on bongos, triangle, tambourine, and Nathaniel Taylor (thanks Nate!) on cello. We had hoped to do acoustic guitar as well but the time it took to:
adequately capture 14 performances of every instrument,
through the same millennia HV3D preamp,
at similar levels,
with a fairly consistent musical performance,
at the same measured distance from the mic....
took longer than one might think.

Thanks to my partner Sean for sharing the engineering duties and bringing microphones. Also, I want to thank Adam Rourke for bringing additional mics and being an awesome photographer! Big thanks go to Rick Scott and Cat Reuthe at Parsons Audio for lending us more mics and more importantly, bringing the beer! And to all of you regular PTUG attendees, my wife thought you were all very well behaved, which made life easier for me!:)

Please contact us if you want access to the volume adjusted bounces so you can do the shoot out at home and tell us your results!
We will publish a public survey module so we can tally the opinions of many hopefully opinionated engineers:)