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Neumann u67 Power Supply (NU67u) Vintage

Neumann u67 Power Supply NU67u Vintage

Original Vintage Neumann u67 microphone power supply.

I am looking to sell this PS OR buy your matching vintage u67 body with an original capsule.

Reach out if you have such a rare bird. This one came from a studio that had been ransacked and sadly sat unused for years. I tested it with my own whole vintage U67 and was happy to find it performed identically to my other supply.  

To Quote Neumann Microphone expert Klaus Heyne in his analysis of the newest Neumann U 67 he found the vintage power supply to have a sonic effect on the microphone over the new but solidly functioning reissue. Her are his thoughts.

A link to his analysis is below. He is an amazing and unique resource for mic knowledge.

1. Reissue: NU67V Power Supply

Test: Vintage U67, Telefunken EF86 chrome plate, original cable, but replaced vintage NU67u (1963) power supply with Reissue NU67V (2018) power supply.
DC output @ 120VAC nominal: 207 B+, 6.3VDC Heater.
(These voltages are very close to ideal, considering that there are no adjustment options)

The Sound: against expectations* a small reduction in sound stage width; the formerly robust lower mids are affected and so is the dynamic behavior; everything sounds a bit smaller, slightly distant, a bit listless, with an onset of high-mid smear; a small but noticeable step down in resolution. It’s subtle, but I had no doubt after repeating the test 10 times over several days.

*confirmation bias? I was previously incredulous of the impact a power supply could have on a tube-condenser mic’s sound. I used to discount ‘Golden Ears’ who claimed to “hear the power supply”. No longer.