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Notable Productions


Bennchoumy Haiti

Bennchoumy (Haiti)

Live at Trinity Int'l Hip-Hop Festival 2010 (2010)


Bennchoumy was raised in the ghetto of Kafou, by the shore of the hot Atlantic Ocean. As a natural leader, he formed the hip hop gospel group “The Shepherdz” with two other comrades in 1999, quickly garnering local fame as a new sound emerged through every Haitian speaker box. The Ching Cheeng King has performed with many stars from his community including Wyclef Jean, Zin, Manze Dayila and Pras, just to name a few. Bennchoumy is every record label’s dream -or perhaps nightmare- depending on their tolerance for true creativity. With a new mix-tape causing havoc on the internet, and Upside Down Crucifixion soon to be released on his own independent label, Ching Cheeng Records, the King is ready to feed hip hop heads food for thought in a new lyrical Canaan.

C.H.I.N.G. – Composition of Highly Intellectual Noble Gentlemen C.H.E.E.N.G – Coming out of Haiti Entering Every Nation on the Globe"

Live recording by Daniel Cantor /Notable Productions