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Comrade Fatso and Chabvondoka Zimbabwe

Comrade Fatso and Chabvondoka (Zimbabwe)

House of Hunger (2009)


1. Bread and Roses feat. Chiwoniso
2. Mahara feat. Godobori
3. House of Hunger feat. Chiwoniso
4. Identity feat. Godobori
5. Like A Riot Needs A Petrol Bomb
6. MaStreets feat. Outspoken
7. City City
8. No Baas
9. The Word Feat. Outspoken
10. Kudanana
11. Wonderful Africa
12. Worms For Sale Intro
13. Worms For Sale

Album duplication by Notable Productions. Live recording during American tour recorded by Notable Productions.

Mastered by Notable Productions.

Production/ Composition of Posse Track "So Journ" also featuring Outspoken, Poetic Pilgrimage, and Muhamed