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Joh Camara

Joh Camara

My Dream (2009)


Bass- Wesley Wirth (King Sunny ADC of THE SUPERPOWERS, formally Boston Afrobeat Society)
Guitar- Raja Kassis of Group Saloum and Waaw Band
Guitar- Ryan Dugre of THE SUPERPOWERS (formally Boston Afrobeat Society)
Drum- Adam Clark of THE SUPERPOWERS (formally Boston Afrobeat Society)
Guitar-Voice-Percussion- Joh

Origin: Bamako, Mali

Bio: Sidi Mohamed Camara, popularly known as "Joh," was born in Bamako, Mali in West Africa.
He continues to teach traditional Mande culture, language, music, and dance as well as those of neighboring Guinea, Ivory Coast, and Senegal. In addition to holding weekly classes in Boston and touring the United States, Canada, and France, he currently teaches at various community centers and instructs a semester dance and drumming class at Boston University and Harvard University. Through his willingness to share at national conferences, community workshops, and academic engagements, Sidi continues to enhance cross-cultural exchanges and to make a positive imprint on the fabric of cultural arts and education in America.

Produced and recorded by Notable Productions. Percussion and keyboard played by Dan Cantor at Notable Productions.