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Poetic Pilgrimage

Poetic Pilgrimage

Inchallah (single) (2009)


Poetic Pilgrimage (Muneera Rashida and Sukina Abdul Noor) make progressive Hip Hop music that fuses African and Caribbean roots, with the musical and spirtual traditions of their faith. The draw from their musical tastes such as world music, jazz, afrobeat, soul and more, providing a refreshing backdrop to their simple message of peace, unity and freedom. They are a rare act - one of the few Muslim female outfits around that are not afraid to express themselves through the art of rhyme. The cover personal, socio-political, uplifting and insightful themes. They were both born in Bristol to Jamaican parents and have been performing together as Poetic Pilgrimage for 6 years.

Singles produced by Notable Productions. The artists collaborated with Dan on these select tracks.

Poetic Pilgrimage was recorded live at the Trinity Hip-Hop Festival (2009) and The Tufts Hip-Hop for Social Change Concert - an event created by African Underground and Nomadic Wax Records.